Supporting you through change, expansion and transition, to a greater sense of wellbeing and inner peace, using a Solution Focused approach.

Serenity Advocacy is for anyone wanting to make positive changes in their lives, especially for those who need strategies for enhancing their wellbeing when facing life-limiting circumstances. We also provide support for family members and professional care givers.

Emotional, spiritual and practical support comes from Solution Focused conversations; individual companioning and tailored activities; peer group sessions; workshops and retreats.

“A Solution Focused Approach to life moves you toward what you want in your life.

It is about making positive changes that lead to your preferred way of living.

If you liberate yourself from the problem by considering your best possible future your focus is on the hopeful and achievable”. - Rayya Ghul

Serenity Advocacy

Personal Development

Personal Development

Start with a standalone Inspiration Session, Solution Focused conversation. If you wish, take it further with Take Flight, a programme designed to inspire and guide you to live a rich, fulfilled life.



We help people live more fully when life becomes restricted and limited, or when the end of life approaches.

Peer Group Support, Workshops and Retreats

Peer Group Support, Workshops and Retreats

Specialized workshops and group work for those who offer end of life care and support. Retreats providing immersive experiences for individuals and groups away from everyday life.

Serenity shawls

Serenity Shawls

Comfort shawls, throws and scarves are knitted with individual intentions, giving the recipient tangible love and support.