The Companioning service is for people in life-limiting circumstances which may be a result of growing older, accident, illness or approaching end of life. It is also for family members and caregivers to support them in their caring role. For a daughter or son, we can assist you in supporting your mother or father to be independent and enjoy their lives. And if it helps, support you in taking care of yourself.

Serenity Companioning is about being present with and helping people live more fully when life becomes restricted.

It is about holding the space without judgement and using solution focused conversations to identify what is important and where, with a little help, the person can live more fully. Sometimes sitting-with and conversation is what is needed, but we also use these conversations to develop a tailored programme of recreation and social opportunities which meet your needs and preferences. We can also produce your life stories and make it easy for you and your loved ones to discuss advanced care planning with simplified checklists and discussion sheets.

“Healing not of the physical type

You know, the kind that gets most of the hype

But a subtle healing in the secret heart

Inspired by the music may kindle a spark.”

The Hollow Box (Yoder)

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