Serenity Advocacy FAQs - Personal Development

Inspiration Session

Q. What will we talk about in the session?

A. I will ask you what your best hopes are from our conversation and your response will give direction to our subsequent conversation.

Q. Will I have to talk about problems?

A. Only if you want to.

Q. What kind of questions will you ask me?

A. The conversation will always be guided by your responses, but we may look at your strengths, resources, skills, knowledge, successes, and description of your preferred future.

Q. Will you be giving me advice?

A. No. The premise is that you know yourself best and have all the resources to find the best advice you would give yourself.

Q. Should I expect big changes in my life as a result of our talking?

A. Big changes may occur, but little steps can often be enough and may lead to bigger, even unrelated positive changes.

Q. Will I need to have more than session for the conversations to be helpful?

A. You can have as many sessions as you like, but our conversations are based on Brief Therapy so the conversations can be helpful with just one or a few sessions.

Q. How do we get together?

A. In whatever way works best for you:

Face to face at your home, or another place where you are comfortable, or in my office. Via online video (Zoom or, Telephone, or Text.

Q. May I bring a family member or support person with me?

A. Yes, whoever would be helpful to you.

Q. How much will it cost

A. $65 for 45mins or Koha.


Take Flight: Solution Focused Living Journal and Inspiration Cards

Q. How do I use the Journal and Cards?

A. These are self-guided tools to help you incorporate a solution focused way of living in your life.

Q. When should I use the Journal and Cards?

A. The Journal is designed to be used for 7 days in a row, with basic questions to be asked daily and a new one added each day. The Cards can be pulled from a shuffled deck anytime you feel like giving yourself some inspiration.

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