Serenity Shawls

Serenity Shawls

For people wanting to give a tangible representation of their love and support. For babies. For meditators and yoga practitioners. For people wanting a warm, cuddly treat for themselves.

Comfort shawls, throws and scarves are knitted with individual intentions.

Meaningful words, mantras or prayers are held while the garments are being knitted imbuing them with the energy of the intention. Colour, texture and fibre are woven together with special stitch patterns which reveal the yarn’s beauty. Natural fibres are largely sourced from NZ and specialist yarns are obtained from overseas where appropriate. These garments are available for purchase and can be custom-made to your preferences. See Serenity Shawls Facebook page to order, alternatively, contact Ann from this website.


Call Ann to order a custom shawl or wrap or visit Serenity Shawls facebook page to see a selection of completed items