Solution Focused Journal

This 7 day journal helps you experience your life in a solution focused way. It contains a series of questions, building on the foundation question, "What are my best hopes from (this day, or a particular situation)?, enabling you to focus on something that is important to you and your orientation as you live your day is on the positive, the meaningful and the possible. With practice, you learn to choose the thoughts and behaviour which are most beneficial to you in achieving the outcome you desire each and every day.

Focused Living Journal

What if you could tap into your unique gifts using the same questions as we use in our Solution Focused Inspiration Session? What if you could use a few simple questions to start and end each day with a sense of purpose and hope? What if after seven days of focus and practice you could approach each day with a new mindset? A mindset that faces challenges with optimism and fortitude; confidently marshalling your inner resources and successes to create the life that you most want to live.

Introducing the Solution-Focused-Living Journal – A Seven-Day, Best Hopes Journey. Extend the value of an Inspiration Session with this self-guided journal of solution focused conversations. Or use the journal as a stand-alone resource to begin seeing the benefits of a solution focused perspective. Practice putting your best self forward in every situation.

Cost is $20.00 NZD plus postage, (approx. $13.50 USD plus postage).

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