I would highly recommend Solution Focused Brief Therapy with Ann. I found my session slightly challenging but very rewarding. It is amazing how difficult, how hard it is to focus on yourself and put your thoughts into words.

Michelle Goldie, Kapiti Coast

I have had the humble privilege to know Ann for a number of years now and recognise she is a woman of many talents. Ann has a wise, kind, serene demeanor that reflects a quiet confidence putting anyone at ease around her. Her rare ability to think deeply first before speaking means what she does say is often very wise and what I need to hear; I call my AHA moments.

Her counselling skills have always had me come away from a session feeling enlightened and more at peace. A unique session it is, as she is able to draw out my own inner wisdom to see the options for myself therefore encouraging self-empowerment rather than it being the more common question and advice session.

Another string to her bow is her beautiful artwork of handmade shawls and blankets for sale that she lovingly and intuitively knits: each with its own important message that is gifted to her to pass on with the knitted masterpiece using her practical and spiritual abilities and all the realms in between.

If you feel the need to grow to be the more empowered you, or if you feel you need enlightenment in darker times, or if you just need to reach out for companionship, I can highly recommend Ann Davis as the person for you!

Deb, South Island

Just a few words to explain the benefits I have had from working with Ann from Serenity Advocacy. As a small business owner trying to grow an export company the challenges can start to get to you. When working with Ann using the Solutions Focused methodology I began to see that using these thought processes broke down the issues and problem into manageable bites that did not seem to be as daunting as before.

I thoroughly recommend using Ann and these techniques to help to overcome problems and achieve objectives.

Richard, Kapiti Coast
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