Peer Group Support, Workshops & Retreats

Peer Group Support, Workshops & Retreats

Peer Group Support

Solution Focused peer group exercises and workshops are for those working in the caring fields, such as, rest home carers, hospice workers, death doulas, and funeral home staff.

Individuals working in a group within the same setting or toward similar goals or serving the same clients can find support through peer group Solution Focused workshops and exercises. These structured activities bring team members together, creating enthusiasm, energy and camaraderie, and tapping into their combined skills and resources to enable them to reach common goals. At the same time, each person has their own needs addressed with the help of their colleagues. Peer group support can be conducted in pairs and in larger groups as required.

Solution Focused exercises are used to provide participants with an opportunity to work on topics and issues that are important to them and:

  • Get fresh perspectives
  • Gain insights
  • Build clarity and confidence to move forward
  • Leave with ideas about next steps
  • Get a taste of the power and simplicity of Solution Focus
  • Tap into the resources, skills and experiences of their colleagues

The exercises and workshops can be tailored to meet an organization’s needs. For example, a programme could be set up with a longer session as a starter and continue with weekly/monthly mini sessions. The latter could easily be set up as an in-house activity for use during a staff meeting for example. Following are some examples of exercises using Solution Focused questions.

Solution Café was created by Solution Surfers Romania. The format is an informal, café-style discussion with supporting materials and a simple structure using Solution Focused questions. This format can be used with a minimum of four people to much larger groups.

The Circle Technique was developed by Dr Arnoud Huibers, psychologist and psychotherapist. The joint brainstorming around an inner and outer circle is useful to collate both what is going well and what people would like to be different or improved. In a group session, a simple but powerful application is pairs-work, where one person acts as ‘coach’ who asks a series of Solution Focused questions and one as care worker who answers the questions.

  • What are you happy about in your work, your team, your organisation?
  • What suggestions do you have to improve your work, for your team, for your organisation?

The individual work can be brought back to the group and summarized for the benefit of all present.

“Team members need to be able to speak from the heart and build trusting relationships on a peer to peer level, while at the same time producing excellent outcomes effectively. Both can be achieved by applying Solution Focused skills.” - Team talk, Chris Iveson and Susanne Burgstaller

Workshops & Retreats

In-depth Solution Focused living workshops and retreats in rural, live-in settings are in development for individuals and groups with similar interests. Collaboration with knowledgeable people in various related fields in the community will be a feature of the workshops and retreats.

In home retreats will give individuals and couples such as mothers and daughters, friends, the opportunity to take time out and make space for the magic of Solution Focused living. Over the course of a weekend, there will be exercises and time for contemplation and to work on those exercises. When you leave, you are set up for living in a different state of awareness, where instead of focusing on a problem, you look at what outcome you want from the situation. Instead of looking at what is wrong, you look at what is working well.

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