Serenity Advocacy FAQs – Peer Group Support, Workshops and Retreats

Q. I am one of a number supporting the same clients. Could we have a Solution Focused Session as a group?

A. Yes, Solution Focus can work just as well for you within a group setting, in fact, talking among your peers allows you to benefit from their wisdom and experiences.

Q. Will my organization benefit from Solution Focused group work?

A. Yes. The Solution Focused approach has been used in a variety of organizations for the last three decades. The Solution Focused approach looks at what is important to each member of the team and allows them to learn from each other, communicate more effectively and tap into resources that will help them support their patients and clients.

Q. Will you also work one on one with my team?

A. Yes, the same Solution Focused conversations can be used with both individuals and groups of individuals with a common interest and work responsibilities.

Q. Could we have a more in-depth workshop on specific work or care-related topics?

A. Yes, we can tailor-make workshops to suit your organization.

Q. Do you have any retreats available at the moment.

A. Retreats are a work in progress, but if you have any specific ideas, I am happy to put something together for you.

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